Blossom Yoga and Hammock Fine Art at the Old Cheyenne Elevator

The OCE is home to two fabulous, women-owned businesses in Cheyenne.

Our property currently contains six structures in our half city block. Being able to house multiple businesses at the Old Cheyenne Elevator creates a community aspect unparalleled in Cheyenne.

Blossom Yoga

The Old Cheyenne Elevator is home to Blossom Yoga, Cheyenne’s premier yoga studio and a national leader in yoga teacher training. Blossom owners, Jill Lovato and Emilie Chen, chose the OCE property for Blossom’s new home when all that sat in this spot was an old wood shed. With the help of contractor Dan Cooley, we converted that wood shed into the light-filled space you see now. Dan repurposed exterior materials from the former wood shed on the ceiling and in the rafters. Today, you can enjoy epic views of the West Edge and the Elevator from your mat through the floor to ceiling windows.

Hammock Fine Art

Hammock Art has made its home at the Old Cheyenne Elevator for a few years now. Bria Hammock is an extremely talented wilderness painter, graphic designer and muralist, and we are lucky enough to have one of her masterpieces greet our visitors outside her studio. Amelia the Bison keeps us dreaming, believing and looking ahead at the Old Cheyenne Elevator. Bria’s work has been featured in galleries, shows and exhibitions across the west, and she’s earned multiple accolades and awards for her beautiful work.

‘Before’ Photos and ‘Under Construction’ Photos of the Blossom Yoga Studio and Hammock Fine Art:

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