We Need Your Help!

In order to start our project, we need a liquor license.

Because liquor licenses are typically only released one at a time as the census increases, we might not have another opportunity to get our project off the ground. The application process for liquor licenses is always competitive, but this year’s applicant pool is especially competitive. While there are many worthy projects applying for the license, only one will be awarded.

This is Where YOU Come In…

We need your help! Cheyenne City Council is the governing body that decides who gets the retail liquor license. The more public support we have for our project being awarded the license, the better our chances are of getting it.

We would greatly appreciate your help with any of the following:

  • Write a letter to city council representatives stating you believe the Old Cheyenne Elevator is the best fit for the retail license.
  • Talk to your representative about the OCE project.
  • Write an op-ed in the paper.
  • Share our posts and voice your support for our project on social media.

Get Involved

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What Makes Our Project Different?

If there’s anything this license application process has shown us, it’s that there is a renewed vigor for investment in the West Edge and downtown Cheyenne. We are so excited to hear about the ideas and innovating plans on the horizon for the West Edge. We believe our project is the best fit for the current liquor license.

Our project is also the only one that provides an indoor serving and dining experience for the bustling food truck industry in Cheyenne, keeping food truck owners thriving through the tough Wyoming winters.

The team here at OCE respects the opportunity that a liquor license presents the community. With the limited availability of retail liquor licenses, our first step was to review the variety of licenses available under Wyoming’s system to determine if we could operate under any of the other available licenses. Unfortunately, based on the mix of uses in our concept, the Old Cheyenne Elevator cannot operate under any of the other available licenses, as depicted in the table below. Additionally, due to the unique building constraints, the food truck approach is the only way to redevelop the property to include a food and beverage program and position the building to its highest and best use. From a cost and space perspective, the amount of investment it would take to install a commercial food kitchen is more investment than what would be returned.

You help and support is vital to this project. Thank you for being a supporter of the Old Cheyenne Elevator!

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